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Resource Roundup: Hand Hygiene Simulations & Training Tools

Our team has previously discussed the importance of proper hand hygiene in our Game-based Learning Applications: Hospital Hygiene article. And for good reason – the CDC estimates that approximately one in 31 hospital patients has a healthcare-associated infection on any given day, a statistic that could surely be reduced given wider awareness and practice of proper hand hygiene fundamentals. As hospitals around the country begin to make moves towards tracking employee hand hygiene, there’s never been a better time to refresh you and your colleagues’ knowledge of proper handwashing techniques. To help you get started, check out the resources below!



SureWash aims to reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections by helping healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors learn and practice WHO hand hygiene protocol. With a range of simulations available ranging from a convenient mobile app all the way to a mobile turnkey system, SureWash has shown promising results among hospitals and medical centers that have embraced the tech.


AppClinic – Handwashing Simulator

Available for iPad and Android tablets, Handwashing Simulator – as its name suggests – teaches the basics of proper handwashing techniques. Designed for both students and professionals wishing to practice their hygiene skills, Handwashing Simulator teaches proper washing time lengths, techniques, and scrubbing methods via hands-on, pick-up-and-play gameplay. 


Additional Online Resources

Want to brush up on your hand hygiene knowledge, but not quite ready to try either of the above simulations? No problem – there’s a host of handwashing resources available online that are still very much worth checking out! The CDC offers an interactive course on their website, while the WHO provides a slew of helpful tools and resources of their own. YouTube is another great resource for instructional hand hygiene training videos, and you may even stumble upon one of the many fantastic handwashing song parodies! 

James LaPierre