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Immersive VR for Training: Healthcare and Medical Applications

At AppClinic, we’re particularly excited about the potential of virtual reality as a tool for positively impacting learning outcomes. VR feels real, allowing for embodied, presence-inducing learning experiences simply unmatched by any other digital medium. Our partners at Filament Games have previously examined VR applications in industrial trainingcorporate training, and K12 classroom settings – today we’re going to focus on another example of immersive VR for learning: healthcare and medical training.

Filament's fascination with medical applications of virtual reality emerged in summer 2017 when they began examining early examples of the technology in practice, focusing particularly on VR for rehabilitation. Fast forward six months later and the state of the VR for healthcare industry had already expanded rapidly, now implemented as part of training programs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, UCSF School of Medicine, and more. Clearly, VR training simulations are gaining traction among institutions, hospitals, and medical training centers – but what lies ahead for the future of VR in medical training settings?

One potential avenue is AppClinic’s newly-released duo of healthcare VR training experiences, made in partnership with ArchVirtual: AirwayClinic VR and Embryo Tempus VR. Each tailored to a set of focused learning outcomes, both titles are ideal for students and professionals to gain hands-on experience that bridges the gap between game-based learning and real world application. From practicing respiratory intervention skills through simulated patient interactions to touring the stages of fertilization, metamorphosis, and gestation up through week 4 of embryonic development, AppClinic’s VR collection is sure to make a great addition to any forward-focused healthcare training environment. Check out the descriptions and screenshots below, and visit our Virtual Reality product page for more details!

AirwayClinic VR
This suite of interactive scenarios gives medical and allied healthcare professionals a virtual environment to practice their respiratory intervention skills.

 Image credit: ArchVirtual

Image credit: ArchVirtual

Embryo Tempus VR
Embryo Tempus gives medical, allied healthcare, and veterinary learners a front-row seat to the process of embryonic development.

 Image credit: ArchVirtual

Image credit: ArchVirtual

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Note: This article first appeared on the Filament Games blog.

James LaPierre