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Five Inspiring Healthcare Education TED Talks

Nothing quite beats the feeling of listening to a captivating lecture – whether in the context of a classroom, conference, or online video. An engaging speaker, an interesting topic, and a host of new and unexplored ideas can entrance audiences – and in our view, no online series accomplishes this better than TED Talks. Featuring an assortment of short, engaging presentations from experts on a variety of topics including education, business, science, tech, and more, watching TED Talks is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the latest research and innovations in a field that you’re intimately familiar with – or alternatively, are just beginning to learn about!

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite healthcare education TED Talks. Do you have any other relevant lectures to share? Let us know – we’re always looking for new content to highlight on the AppClinic blog!

The Future of Health Education | Martin Pusic

Martin Pusic, MD, PhD knows firsthand that medical education is evolving, largely due to the introduction of new technologies and systems that can help educators – and students – more accurately measure their competency levels. Learn more about Dr. Pusic’s groundbreaking research in his intriguing TED Talk.

Revolutionizing Nursing Education | Patricia Thomas

Dr. Patricia Thomas is on a mission to revolutionize nursing education as we know it through the introduction and implementation of new learning tools and technologies – namely an online nursing learning portal called In her inspiring TED Talk, Dr. Thomas lays out the story of how her and her team developed and integrated the groundbreaking website as part of UTA’s nursing program.

Turning Medical Education Inside Out and Upside Down | Lawrence Sherman

What does the future of medical school look like? If you ask Lawrence Sherman, the future of healthcare education involves patients playing an active role throughout the entire medical education continuum- yes, from day 1! But how exactly would this work? Find out in Sherman’s lively TED Talk!

The Future of Medical School | John Tomkowiak, MD

John Tomkowiak, MD, founding dean of the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, believes that personalized medicine is paramount in helping create a future with improved patient experience, expanded access, and lower costs. But what can medical schools do to help prepare the students of today for the technologies and challenges of tomorrow? Dr. Tomkowiak ponders this question in his enlightening TED Talk.

Using Technology to Enhance Healthcare Education and Training | Rodrigo Dias Takase

Rodrigo Dias Takase – much like our team here at AppClinic – strongly believes that technology can transform healthcare education and training, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. In his TED Talk, Rodrigo discusses how new technologies like mobile simulations and AR/VR training experiences can help make medical training simpler, more accessible, and affordable for all learners.

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