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3 Must-Have Neuroscience Study Apps for Healthcare Learners & Professionals

Whether you’re a medical student, resident, or practicing physician, there’s simply never a bad time to brush up on your knowledge of the human nervous system...which is why we’ve assembled the list below! Our team has scoured the trenches of the iTunes App Store, seeking out only the most high-quality, academic-approved neuroscience apps and learning games for healthcare learners and professionals. Check out our roundup – and let us know if you have any other apps you’d recommend adding to our list!

UCSF NeuroExam Tutor ($19.99)
Available for iOS devices

Developed by healthcare professionals at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, NeuroExam Tutor is a highly-rated review resource designed for students preparing to take the neurological physical exam. Featuring interactive clinical cases, expert-authored descriptions, and a library of more than 60 helpful study videos, NeuroExam Tutor serves as an excellent tool for healthcare students, residents, and practicing physicians to brush up on their knowledge of fundamental neuroscience concepts.

UCSF NeuroExam Tutor screenshots

Brain & Nervous System Pro III ($9.99)
Available for iOS devices

Featuring detailed 3D models, an intuitive interface, and the option to view multiple orthogonal slices on the transverse, sagittal, and coronal planes, Brain & Nervous System Pro III touts itself as a feature-rich resource, ideal for any individual seeking to brush up on their knowledge of the basic structure and function of the nervous system. With dozens of positive reviews on the app store and an affordable price of $9.99, Brain & Nervous System Pro III is a no-brainer for all healthcare learners and professionals.

Brain & Nervous System Pro III.jpg

NeuroCircuits ($2.99)
Available for iOS devices

Designed and developed by academics, AppClinic’s NeuroCircuits helps medical and nursing school students reinforce their knowledge of fundamental neuroscience concepts through interactive, touch-based gameplay. Through a series of lessons and puzzle assessments, students can review information about the human nervous system essential to clinicians including areas including: the nervous system and neuroanatomy basics, motor pathways, sensory pathways, language process, and both visual and auditory processing. NeuroCircuits is one of AppClinic’s several game-based study apps for healthcare and veterinary learners and professionals – click here to explore the rest of the AppClinic collection.


Congratulations – you’ve finally reached the end of our list! Have you given any of the above apps a try? Want to recommend us other neuroscience learning games or resources that didn’t make our list? Get in touch – we’d love to share knowledge and ideas!

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