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21st Century VetMed: 3 Essential Apps for Veterinary Learners and Professionals

Like many other branches of medicine, the world of veterinary medicine is dynamic and ever-evolving. Whether you’re a veterinary student, professional, or enthusiast, it’s vital to stay conscious of the latest innovations, discoveries, and best practices – an objective made easier today than ever thanks to the prevalence of high-quality digital study tools and apps. Of course, digital downloads are no substitute for higher ed coursework or continuing professional development opportunities – however the following three apps are sure to make a fantastic, easy-to-use addition to your veterinary toolbelt. Check out our list below, and let us know what other apps you consider to be an essential part of your veterinary arsenal!

Merck Vet Manual (Free – available on iOS, Android)
Often cited as an essential resource for all veterinary students and professionals, The Merck Vet Manual has been continually published and updated for more than 50 years – and now it’s accessible right from the palm of your hand! A world-renowned animal health reference, the app provides veterinary learners and experts with photos, videos, illustrations, and explanations of thousands of disorders and diseases across all species. Featuring hundreds of reference guides, interactive case simulations, and clinical calculators, Merck Vet Manual is jam-packed with high-quality content – and better yet, it’s a free download for all iOS and Android users.

ViralVet (Free – available on iOS, Android)
ViralVet is a free, highly acclaimed app with a unique premise: an exclusive community created by and for veterinary professionals. With a focus on high-quality content and engaging discussions, ViralVet serves as a platform allowing users to share images and videos of interesting and challenging cases to ignite discussion with fellow veterinary professionals. Available for both iOS and Android, ViralVet is a must-have app for all animal health professionals.

AppClinic Bone Viewer Series (.99¢/each – available on iOS, Android)
Our own VetClinic Bone Viewer app series allows veterinary learners to explore the anatomical features of animal skeletons by manipulating 3D, interactive virtual models. As users zoom in and out, rotate, and reorient models using simple finger gestures, they gain an increased understanding of the anatomy of common animals like dogs, cats, horses, and oxen – making Bone Viewer an ideal resource for veterinary professionals, learners, and enthusiasts alike.

What do you think of our roundup? Excited to check out any of the above products? We’d love to hear your other VetMed app recommendations – contact us today!

James LaPierre